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Tradeshows and exhibitions can be a daunting task if you’ve not experienced them before. However, we’ve put together our top ten trade show sales tips to help you get the most out of each exhibition to gain success.

  1. Setting the right measurement goals and KPI’s

Before you attend a tradeshow, it’s important that you establish your goals and KPI’s. Ask yourself the question “What is it that I want to get out of this event?” Some of the common answers to this may be:

  • I want to generate more leads
  • I want to increase my prospects mail list
  • I want to showcase my product

Each of the answers above will have their own criteria to tick off to reach each of these outcomes. Ensure that you understand what it is you want to get out of the event and ensure that the ROI will be worth all the cost!

  1. Consider which staff to send

It’s no secret that your staff play a crucial role in exhibition stand success. Now that you know just what you’re wanting to get from a successful trade show trip, you need to consider the strengths and weaknesses of the staff you’re sending along to man your stand.

You need to make sure that the staff you send are trained in sales tactics, so that they understand how to capture data or convert a potential visitor into a lead.

As an additional point, you may also want to ensure that your tradeshow team conduct the correct stand etiquette and don’t end up missing leads because they are chatting amongst themselves or messing around with their phones!

Make sure that your staff are open, willing to engage and are able to close deals so that you can gain the most out of your tradeshow event.

  1. Create an eye-catching stand

It can be hard to stand out in an exhibition hall when every stand is peacocking in an attempt to attract visitors. First great impressions could be the difference between closing a lead or losing out to a competitor.

Eye catching and creative stands can be a real winner when you’re looking to entice new business. Our modular stands at CORE Exhibitions have garnered fantastic results with their ingenious design and offer your team quick and easy assembly and deconstruction so that they can be used again and again.

  1. Don’t disqualify prospects

Just because the prospective visitor in front of you may not carry the specific credentials you look for in your usual outreach strategy does not mean they aren’t a prospective buyer.  Disqualifying those based on different job title, could prevent you from successfully converting a lead! It’s a foot in the door towards the right direction, so be sure to treat every enquiry equally.

  1. Ask open questions and tailor your pitch to the prospect

To ensure you’re doing the most to engage with a customer, asking open questions allows you to figure out what their pain points are so that you can offer a tailored solution to their problem. Don’t lead with the hard sell as this may put off visitors. Remember to be friendly and receptive to your visitor’s needs.

  1. Reach out before the show

One of the biggest advantages of social media is that we can be connected and reach out to people at any time. Reaching out to potential visitors could encourage them to meet you at the stand to talk about your business or service.

Not only this but making appointments with visitors prior to your exhibition event could help add that personal touch, breaking the ice already with a slightly warmer potential lead.

  1. Send a team member around the exhibition hall

Dependent on the number of staff you have available at the show, we would recommend sending out one of your team into the exhibition hall for two reasons:

  • To take a look at competitors – What are they doing that’s different to you? Is it working? How are they attracting visitors to their stand? What could you learn from them in order to do better yourself?
  • To tap into potential visitors not within your space – reaching out and talking to people in person could be a great way to encourage them towards your stand
  1. Be remembered

Being remembered amongst all your competitors is an absolute must when it comes to closing those leads. Quirky and branded free samples are a great way to ensure that a visitor doesn’t forget about you and your company. Ensure that these freebies are relevant but at the same time unique!

  1. Contact details

Remember what we said about ensuring you’ve got your KPI’s set out from the beginning? If you’re looking for leads, you want to make sure that your getting contact details of your visitors so that you can reach out to them later!

Offer to trade business cards or create a form for visitors to fill out if they want to be kept up to date with information surrounding your product or service!

  1. Follow up

This may seem obvious, but it’s always worth stressing. Once the exhibition is over, that’s when the second most important job starts! Make sure that you follow up on all potential leads.

If you’re looking for other ways to ensure your tradeshow is a success, be sure to check out our 5 top tips now!



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