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Exactly what it says on the tin. Straightforward, easy to use and no fuss!

A range of products from roll-up banners to pop-up displays, café barriers to Twist systems, there’s all sorts of hidden gems tucked away in our bag of exhibition hire tricks. Here are some ‘QUIK’ and flexible solutions that might be just what you’re after. Tight on the old budget? Think of these items as a get-out-of-jail free card.

Come and take a closer look…


Clever Frame – A new modular framing system used to create a picture-perfect stand!

By using screw lock connectors to join frames together, you rapidly construct all manner of shapes and sizes. Within reason you can build just about anything. A solid system for the discerning exhibitionist. The sky’s the limit.*

*Health and Safety dictates that the sky is no more than 4m*


What we know and do best. A modular kit that can do almost anything!

Extruded aluminium beams meet plastic injection moulded connector blocks and inserts in beautiful twist-lock harmony. In Spanish, it’s known as the Baila de l’aluminium – The Dance of the Aluminium.

Ok so it might not be quite that sexy, but you’d be surprised what can be accomplished with this incredibly versatile bit of kit.


A custom look with a system kit. LINX has been around and knows the score, a wise cracking veteran, think Hannibal from the A-Team!

Grub screws and cam locks, aluminium but no twist-locks, these are a few of my favourite things…

Jokes aside, LINX is sturdy and can provide a clean, sharp finish, much like you’d get from a bespoke custom build stand.


Indoors, Outdoors, any doors you like really – this heavy-duty carbon fibre system is reliable and hardwearing and very, very cool!

These Carbon Fibre babies are used to create single or double decker installations, indoors or outdoors, wherever, however.
They are built tough and rightly so! Consisting of trapezoidal and hexagonal elements you can go crazy with your creativity!


A range of supplementary services to enhance and expand your display solution

Be it flooring, furniture, trussing or even if you want to spoil your visitors with providing a bar on your stand – you can do it all with CORE PLUS!

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